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My friend, do not depress when you are facing this problem, your girl has lost her interest in you for casual encounter. She does not crave for fuck anymore, not like both of you were just started dating. You can’t feel the excitement and arousal in her eye during night.

What is the reason of this problem exist. I can’t tell you exactly because there are actually too many factors that involved. However, one of the most significant because of it is that couples are losing their “early stage sex magic” due to lack of new techniques.

What does this mean? Well, when you are just start to have fuck both of you are excited over what will happen next on bed. But after some time, When everything is the same and being repeated numerously, both of you will lose the interest in having night. Especially female who are more sensitive to sexual tension and sexual sensation.

Moreover, if you only have 1 or 2 techniques to deal with your sexual activities, the sexual fire will fade off and you may even hate to have night because it lets you feel like a machine.

Some Sex Technique for Men

One of the more often over look techniques for local hookup is having a woman take control and initiative of sex. Most men love the thought of having her being the one who initiates sex. If you are looking for some new techniques for men then this is one of the easiest to employ.

Technique 1: Improved and fine tuned missionary position

I believe that you know what missionary position is. Now, change from normal style, you let her spread her leg wide open, either resting on your chest or hanging freely in the air. She is lying on the bed. You should knee down in between her widely open legs and give her the thrust that will eventually make her drop into heavy orgasm.

First, you should start to thrust slowly. Stimulate her interest by giving her some rub and caress on her breast and other sensitive body parts. Let her feel the sexual tension and excitement.

If her reaction is good. Gradually increase the thrust speed and give her deeper penetration. Play with her clitoris if necessary. Kiss her when you are in action, the pressure you put on her when you lean forward will grant you a deeper penetration and give her more sexual arousal!

Technique 2: Leap Frog sex position

You can define it as a modification of doggy style positions. As we all know, doggy style is quite famous among guys as it gives them the most “instinct” feeling of having sex. Moreover, it gives deep penetration which helps to create more sexual arousal for both parties.

Leap frog sex position is similar to doggy style but the girl is kneeling down on the bed with her hand bending down. It does not provide ver. deep penetration but it is keener by girl because they may scare of the pain due to deep penetration.

Moreover, you can choose to have her leg open or close, both have different sexual sensation. Closed leg will provide more friction when thrusting hence greater feeling, while girl may feel opening leg not so tiring.

Technique 3: Cow Girl Position

This is the favorite position obsess by female. It will be the easiest techniques that allow you to effortlessly make her climax. It is due to the reason that she is the one who controls the whole thrusting. You can imagine the cow girl position. Means that she is riding on you either facing you or your toe. She will help you to put your erect penis into herself. She will control the speed depth and strength of thrusting.

Moreover she may unconsciously feel. She is dominating over you which will grant her more powerful sexual pleasure. On the other hand you can add on to this technique by fondling her breast. If she is facing you or stimulating her clitoris if she is facing your toe.

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