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Now, many men find it hard to even approach a woman let alone get a one-night-stand, but I’m going to share a secret with you. The secret is getting a one-night-stand is very easy. When I say easy, I mean easy.

So where would you look for a girl? Obviously not on the street, not on the subway, and not at a corporate party of the company you work for. In general any entertaining relaxing establishment like a bar or dance club will work. You are already there? Well, then look for a target. A single one of course. And an ideal one.

Should You Have a One Night Stand

Modern single girls take their lead from women’s magazines that encourage them to seek sex for pleasure. This creates both good and bad news for guys. The good news is it’s a fabulous opportunity for predatory men who have sexual confidence. The bad news is it’s scary for men who doubt their sexual prowess.

The bad news for girls is that they are programmed to want to attach to the man they have sex with. No matter how comfortable their left-brain or logical mind is, their right-brain or emotional side is prone to wake them up feeling unhappy the next morning. How do they get the freedom to have a good one night stand without the unhappiness?

Here are two suggestions

1. Mandy recommends kicking the guy out to go home before you go to sleep. That way you can wake up safely in your own bed next morning without the bad taste feeling.

You can pretend it was all a dream and you definitely don’t have to hear him splutter and break wind in your toilet when all you want to do is get more “shut eye”.

2. Trish recommends you only choose guys you never want to see again. That way you won’t spend all next day wishing he would call you and say how the earth moved for him too and how anxious he is to see you again.

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