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Have you ever considered the possibility of having a “casual relationship with a guy you’re attracted to? Do you think you could get involved sexually. But yet stay emotionally at arm’s length? What kind of guy would fit the bill for this kind of relationship with you? Before you make the decision about a online relationship, here are a few things you might want to consider.

There is no doubt that there is an appeal to online relation because there are no real demands that come with it. Guys are especially good at separating themselves emotionally. For women, it may not be as easy. A guy may think he’s having sex, while a you meet single girls thinks of the act as making love.

So, you have to ask yourself if you really think that you can get physically close to another person and remain aloof emotionally. This is quite different from having a one night stand where you’re only interested in having a good time.


Can You Really Handle A Casual Relationship?

The classic example of a relationship is the “friends with benefits” scenario. If you’ve seen the movie. You know the relationship changed from formal to something more serious over time. Fortunately it worked out for the story characters because we all love a happy ending.

But don’t think that all relationships end this happily. What sounds like it could be a lot of fun for both parties can change in a hurry. Especially if  you meet single women. And there are reasons for that happening.

For starters, a woman has a lot more trouble than a guy at keeping sex and love separate. He’s happy to get up and leave once it’s done. Confident that as long as he performed well, all is good. A woman on the other hand experiences a feeling of closeness towards him, simply from the physical act itself.

This is natural and you’re kidding yourself if you think you won’t experience these feelings sooner or later. When you find yourself thinking that you don’t want the relationship to end. you know it’s trouble. Although he may be able to move on at any time without a second thought. The same won’t be true for you.

4 Things You Never Do In A Casual Relationship

1. Never Ever pay for anything! :

Do not pay for her dinner/drinks. Do not pay for her dates. The reason why you don’t want to pay is because it puts you into a provider role. If you are in this role the girl will start to think that you will take care of her. That you can court her and worst of all. That you can be her boyfriend. Once she thinks this, the relationship Immediately ends. The only time I would ever pay is for a taxi ride back to my place to have sex, other than that do not PAY.

2. Never Ever hold hands in public as if you guys were an actual couple :

Listen Up, there needs to be a very distinctive line between being formal and actual dating each other.
Do not cross that line or the girl will think that there might be something more to the relationship. This whole reasoning goes back to the “he may be a suitable boyfriend” thing.

3. Never Ever falter when you are confessed to :

If the girl knows that you are “the man”, she will eventually try to capture you by confessing or by some other means.

DO NOT FALTER BOY! Keep your pimp hand strong, there are all types of techniques and lines to get out of the “what are we?” question. A technique that I have been using frequently is re-framing the entire situation altogether. I make her think that being in a real relationship is the dumbest thing ever by talking in weird voices. But seriously just look up something and DO NOT GIVE IN.

4. Never Ever make the girl fall for you :

I guess it’s ego driven but so many guys try to do this, they purposefully try to make the girl fall for them. Like lets say you just had sex, don’t sit there and gaze into her eyes as you cuddle with her, don’t try super hard to make the date special. Sex should be your main focus and that’s it, anything else that you try hard in may end up backfiring for you later.

You must make your self self-aware when you are trying too hard in other areas of the relationship and force yourself to stop. I feel it may be a subconscious thing, but if you try to please your self esteem by getting her to fall for you, you end up completely losing her in the long haul.

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